Custom Heavy Duties Thermoforming Packaging Trays

Custom Heavy Duties Thermoforming Packaging Trays


Custom Reusable Vacuum Form Packaging - Tailored Solutions for Shipping and Material Handling. Our experts design and test prototypes to ensure functionality and meet your specifications. Suitable for any industry, our sustainable packaging reduces waste and promotes environmental responsibility. Choose Pinghu Yangzhiguang for efficient and reliable solutions.

In the automotive industry, efficient transportation and protection of parts is crucial due to the complexity of the manufacturing process and the assembly of vehicles. At our company, we specialize in providing solutions to address these unique needs.

Our range of packaging and material handling solutions includes automotive component bins, trays, packs, and pod-like containers. These custom and standard products are designed with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability and environmental responsibility.

With a focus on efficiency, our solutions aim to optimize the transportation and protection of automotive parts. Our pallets and containers are resistant to oils, greases, solvents, and are capable of handling heavy parts and assemblies.

As a full-service manufacturer of thermoformed packaging located in Pinghu, China, we have extensive experience working with companies across the entire automotive and heavy-equipment industries. Our team of skilled engineers can carefully design precise solutions tailored to meet your specific cargo protection and transportation requirements.

Trust us to provide you with high-quality, reliable packaging solutions that prioritize environmental responsibility and ensure the efficient movement of automotive parts throughout the supply chain.