Large White Drip Pan Custom ABS Thermoforming Plastic Tray

Large White Drip Pan Custom ABS Thermoforming Plastic Tray


As a trusted manufacturer, we specialize in producing large white custom ABS thermoforming plastic trays, specifically designed as drip pans. These trays offer a reliable and durable solution for containing and collecting liquids or spills in industrial or commercial settings.

Our ABS thermoforming plastic trays can be customized according to your specific requirements in terms of size, shape, and design. The use of ABS material ensures durability and resistance to impact, chemicals, and heat, making it suitable for handling various fluids and substances.

The white color of the trays not only provides a clean and professional appearance but also helps easily identify any liquid or spillages present for timely actions. The design of the trays allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring efficient and hygienic management of any potential leaks or drips. Whether you need trays for electronics, automotive parts, medical equipment, or other applications, we can create a solution that fits your needs.

With our advanced thermoforming technology, we can precisely mold the ABS material into the desired shape and depth, allowing for maximum containment of liquids and spills. We can also incorporate features such as raised edges or drainage channels to further enhance the functionality of the drip pans.

At our manufacturing facility, we adhere to strict quality control processes to ensure the trays meet the highest standards. Our experienced team inspects each tray to ensure its functionality, durability, and resistance to chemicals or corrosive substances.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements for large white custom ABS thermoforming plastic trays specifically designed as drip pans. We are committed to delivering high-quality, customized solutions that meet your specifications and provide effective containment for liquid management.